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This courtesy page is a service to help individuals in Southern California trying to place dogs into loving homes. Below are dogs looking for homes through private parties in the area. The dogs listed on this page are not affiliated with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California and are not under our care. We bear no responsibility for any adoptions or contacts made from this page's usage. To obtain more information about any of these dog below, please use the contact information provided with each dog's description.
All dogs must be spayed/neutered prior to being listed on this page.

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We're estimating that Zelda is between 1-2 years old and has had a litter of puppies in her previous home. This young cutie is an incredibly friendly and loving dog and has absolutely loved every person she's ever met. She's been around children and has done fine with them. She is shy and needs time to acclimate with new dogs, but has done well acclimating herself to the dogs in our home. She now plays with them, walks with them, shows no aggression, and wags her tail whenever she sees them. She is slightly food and toy protective so we are cautious about making sure all of that is off the floor before we let her and the other dogs around each other. It's unclear if she would work with cats as she gets very excited and fixated on them when she sees them on walks.

Zelda's very smart and has been highly responsive to all of our basic training. She makes quick progress learning basic commands and aims to please. We'd say she's a 3 out 5 in terms of energy. Loves walks and basic exercise, but also spends plenty of time laying in her bed and napping. She has minor separation anxiety issues but has made great progress with the simple training techniques we've been practicing to help address that. We leave her behind gates in our kitchen area at night and for the first week she would get anxious and whine for a bit, but that hasn't happened much since then and she's comfortable sleeping on her own.

If you'd be interested in adding a young, gorgeous black GSD to your family, please contact Sean at 408-666-7326.