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Happy Tails

Colby - Added: 02-24-2024

Presley - Added: 02-24-2018

Our love is aging gracefully!!

Halli - Added: 02-22-2018

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick update. Halli is doing great and has settled into her new home very well. She is happy and is eating up a storm, getting lots of exercise and loves playing with all of her new toys, especially the "squeeky" ones that she pushes with her nose. It's so funny to watch. (She has gained about 3 lbs so far, which is what the vet wanted.) She is still having separation anxiety, so that's something we are trying to work on. So, we just take her everywhere! I've attached a couple of pics. I walk her down the beach boardwalk every morning. She loves it! Hope all is well with you all and thanks again.


Lynne Craig & Halli

Ella - Added: 02-03-2018

Ella with Champ - BOTH Coastal Alumni!!

Buck - Added: 01-31-2018

Just wanted to give you an update on Buck! Who was rescued on 10.30.2016! Since I rescued him, we have become the best of buddies! He is extremely smart and so very sweet! We are so happy to have him in our family!

-Mike Leffler

Skye - Added: 01-19-2018

I thought you guys would want to know how it all turned out. GREAT. Skye is still the lover that he was last May. He eats all my stuff so I have to watch him carefully. Lots of puppy energy. I had his breed tested because was really, really curious:

53% Siberian
32% American Eskimo
10% German Shepard!

So, he is a German!!!

He had a starring role on our Christmas Card. See below. We are all very charmed by him. Since he was a parvo puppy, we are especially grateful to Coastal German Rescue Group for saving his life. He is on the right in this picture. Sumi, full female Siberian, on the left. HE LOVES my husband. We have lots of outtakes from photo session. Blink in Fashion Island, photo session was only $25! Recommend!

Thank you again!

Nayla - Added: 01-15-2018


Just letting know Nayla is doing great!!

She is so happy and the kids have played with her non stop. She goes through the doggie doors no problem to go outside. We gave her a walk and she did great when going past other people and dogs. We are so happy to have her she really is a perfect fit for our family. Thank you!

Gwyneth - Added: 01-11-2018

And all good wishes for a terrific 2018

Marya and Sammy

Drone - Added: 01-09-2018

Hi Liz

Just wanted to share a picture of Dillon with you. He was having a rare “off” day (acting like a baby is how they described him) at doggy daycare so to settle him down, one of the workers read a story to him.

Cloud - Added: 12-31-2017

Hi Miley,

Thanks so much for your holiday card! Here's a photo of Cloud up on the beach in the Central Coast. He is still a great dog and wonderful companion! We have one other dog (another shepherd rescue) and two rescue cats and everyone gets along, although Cloud does like to chase the cats occasionally. But they are all good friends. Wishing you a very happy new year!

Shari Faris

Sophia - Added: 12-22-2017

Thanks again for the beautiful card.

Cali gets walked about 3-4 miles a day. She is always seen by the Military working dog US Army Vets and has been on a small dose of Proxac since last May. (She gets her Trifexis heart worm meds on time.) We have now been attacked 14 times by dogs off leash. I carry pepper spray and a golf club! If you search your Google map street view we live about 1 1/2 blocks from the horse stables and Border Patrol horses.
Cali is not sure if she likes the horses when they come down our street!

Enjoy your holidays.

Keep me posted if you have other dogs available.


Linda Cook

Molly - Added: 12-17-2017

Merry Christmas Miley!

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Molly is doing great! Very rarely has a seizure......still on potassium bromide.....probably forever. We still walk at least 2 miles a day and as I mentioned last year she finally started to play and continues to do so. Even though she’s getting somewhat better, she still shows fear anxiety to adults and other dogs if they approach her to quickly.....I think the bad things that happened to her before we got her are so strongly imprinted that they will never completely go away. Amazing that even when you tell people she’s a rescue dog, let her approach you “if she wants”, do not listen and rush at her.

Anyhow, she loves traveling in the RV and riding in the Jeep. We just got back from a 2 month trip.... up the 395, across Nevada and spent a good month exploring the parks in Utah. Lots of hikes (even off leash where allowed) which she just loves. She has seen more of the country than most people! She’s still extremely loyal and attached to us, always trying to please, and of course very happy and I believe leading the good life!

Mark, Patty, and Molly

Isis - Added: 12-16-2017

Merry Christmas Miley and all the crew. Thanks for letting me have such a noble creature. She is the Goddess.

Trina - Added: 12-14-2017

Hi Miley,

Thank you for the Christmas Card. Ellie is doing great. We have two young boys and it's fun to watch her interact with them. Here are a few photos below.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Sitka - Added: 12-10-2017

Thank you for the Christmas card! Here is Sitka and her “brother” Loki. Sitka has really come out of her shell, and is a much loved member of our family.

Merry Christmas!

Macaré Family

Tucker - Added: 12-09-2017


Hope all is well and looks like your fundraiser went quite well.

I thought you might get a kick out of the holiday pictures of Tucker. What a good walk and treat can do!!

Wishing you and your family a warm and happy holiday season. With heartfelt greetings.....MERRY CHRISTMAS AND CHEERS TO A FABULOUS NEW YEAR.

Janie and Tucker and Bella

Abby - Added: 11-16-2017


I adopted a dog through you 6 years ago. Her name was Abby. She just passed away this morning and I am heartbroken.

The reason I am notifying you is that I think her story is worth using. She was a very anxious and insecure dog when I got her. Her separation anxiety was extreme, which is why her first adoption failed. She appeared t o be dog aggressive but in reality, she was fearful and defensive. It took a lot of time, patience and love to bring her around to her true personality. Not only was she not dog aggressive by nature, she loved to play with the big and small dogs alike. She was attacked a couple times and never fought back.

As you know, Shepherds need a job. I took a class at UCLA on Therapy Dog training. Within 4 months of me getting Abby, she earned her AKC Good Citizenship Certificate. My plan in training her to become a Therapy dog was to bring her to work with me and see clients. That never happened because within 6 months of me getting her, we began to care for my 92 year-old father. Abby became his therapy dog, transforming her and him as well.

All of the challenges of separation anxiety went away. We moved my dad to his retirement home on the Oregon Coast. Abby found a place where she felt loved and safe. She had a purpose. I walked her daily for 4-6 miles in the countryside and on the beach near our home. The exercise, the training and the purpose allowed her to live up to her fullest potential.

Because of the training I did with her, there was no longer any need to put her on a leash. If I called or whistled, she came. I trained her with hand signals so I knew she would respond If we heard a car. She even learned to like/respect cats! She has been a Gentle Giant with my grandchildren.

I have included some photos of her, one at the Riverside shelter when you got her and the others since I have had her. It is hard to believe she came from where she did and thrived. I have also included her obituary. I hope her story inspires others to not give up on their newly adopted dogs. There can be many challenges but training, patience and love are the 3 keys to a successful adoption.

Best Regards,

Morning Star Holmes

Lyda - Added: 11-11-2017

Hi Liz and Katie!

Today is Lyda (Ramsay)’s birthday, and we thought we’d write to give you an update. Ramsay is a super loving and energetic one year old, and she’s been an amazing part of our family. We love her so much and she’s an epic part of our lives. Thank you both so much for your role in helping to make her part of our family.

In the past year, Ramsay has been to numerous dog parks more times than we can count. She’s taken road trips to Northern California, loves playing at the beach, and was even the flower puppy at our wedding. She has the friendliest disposition and the locals in Long Beach all recognize her and love to stop and pet her. We think she’s a very happy and healthy dog.

Attached are some photos. Thank you very much again!!


Sebastian, Elly, and Ramsay

Soldier - Added: 10-22-2017


Grace - Added: 10-20-2017

Hi Miley,

I have to say that it will likely be very difficult for us to adopt another GSD. Not it a bad way. Grace is such a GREAT dog. She is finally becoming more of a dog and is not so afraid of people now. My wife absolutely loves her! She actually allows her to lick her on the face, which I never thought would happen. I don’t even allow here to do that to me.

I say that it will be difficult because when I observe the other GSDs in obedience training, I am so grateful that Grace is nothing like them from jumping on the handler, constantly barking at anything, not doing as commanded, etc. Grace was a bit skittish when we first started with training but, now she is so relaxed. In fact, often times, while Jeff is either talking or helping others, instead of sitting, she lays down while waiting. Probably because she is bored. She generally does as commanded but, sometimes slowly. Jeff wants me to respond more quickly so, I am working on that with her.

Grace is great with other dogs and loves kids, adults she’s still not sure about sometimes but, getting better. Everyone is always complimenting us on how good she looks and how well behaved she is. She has no idea how strong she is because when she is playful, she runs into us sometimes.

If you recall, early on I said that she hadn’t barked for almost 2 -3 months. She still doesn’t really bark unless there is a threat or someone comes through the front gate which she hears but, it is a low level growl and maybe a bark. My neighbors all say that they never hear her bark, which is a good thing, I guess, unlike a neighbor down the street whose dogs are constantly barking and worse, they are outside!

At the dog park, she tends to stay pretty close to us while occasionally running off to play but, usually for less than 20 – 30 seconds then she hovers near us for a while before her next foray.

She is really a fantastic dog. Thank you so much for all of your help in directing us to the right dog for our family.