Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Remembering Star
Rest in Peace

Female Cattle Dog /German Shepherd Dog mix about 10+ years old. Good with kids. Gets along with other dogs. Not cat friendly.

Star's shelter paperwork lists her as 12 and, while we were originally thinking there's no way, she probably is as she was adopted from the OC shelter in 2003. While she is not young, she is agile, loves to jump up on the couch and watch tv with her foster mom. She loves to put out a paw for you to hold when sitting next to you. It's quite cute.

If we didn't have paperwork showing her history, we would have pegged her at no more than 7 or 8. She has a spunky, take no prisoners attitude. She is housebroken, and gets along well with other dogs (although she is sure she is an alpha, but is easily corrected). She is living with a number of dogs, a mix of boys & girls, and doing fantastic.

We think she is mostly cattle dog even though her paperwork says otherwise - she is probably a perfect condo dog. She loves her dog bed in her foster mom's bedroom and sleeps there most of the night. You can see her white tippie toes which is what clues us to cattle dog. She loves to sunbathe in our California weather. She does like to sleep on a couch if given the chance, but is also very happy with her own dog bed.

While she is probably good with kids, they need to be probably older than 8 or 9 - she can be grouchy and a toddler would not be her favorite play toy. Even though she is older, she seems to have years of life left in her. She would be perfect for someone who is looking for a low maintenance, short walk companion.

Star loves people and most dogs but if going to a multi dog house, probably a male partner would be a better choice. She is not good with small animals, i.e. cats, etc.

The minimum adoption donation for adults is $375 and the adoption donation for puppies is $500. This amount only partially covers the cost of veterinary care, boarding fees, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the temporary care and adoption of our dogs and is tax deductible when permitted by law. The adoption donation provides that all dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive current vaccinations, and are microchipped. If not, arrangements will be made on an individual basis ( i.e., puppies who will need to be altered by 6 mos old). Special consideration may be given to those willing to adopt older dogs or dogs with physical problems.