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Bennett has been adopted! 01-01-2005

Female about 0 old.

My name is Bennett, I am all you are looking for in a Shepherd, and more!
(Ask an adoption counselor for my DVD!)

The pictures really don’t do much justice to my good looks and my personality, so let me explain to you who I am!

I came to the Rescue about a month ago. From where? I wish I could tell you what my story is, where I come from, who my family was and what they were about. But I just don’t know how to communicate that to you!

I am pretty tall and thin, with gorgeous black and tan markings. My hair is on the short side (bright side: you don’t have to worry about shedding with me!). I am probably around 1 to 2 years old. My vet thinks I could be 2, my trainer thinks I act like a puppy and my teeth look like I am 18 months old!

I live in South Orange County, with Paul, at K9 City. Paul is a wonderful guy with a funny British accent! I am really eager to please, so you can use the British or the American accent when you speak to me, I will love you equally! I specifically like it when he says I am a ‘Good Bennett’: it makes me smile, I LOVE IT!

I hear that I had issues with other dogs and that I came a long way! May be it is true. But really, it is because I didn’t know what another dog was, or that I could play with another dog! I mean, nobody gave me the manual on what to do with other dogs, so I was just insecure, unsure, and frightened until recently. I have spent the past month learning that other fellow dogs, big and small, are a good thing to have around.

As a result, I play nice with other dogs! I also share toys and pig ears with them! I heel really well, and walk perfectly on a leash, and like to focus on you, you, just you, and only you! I also lay down well, and I am just learning to sit.

I would love to have a home to call my own and give you all the love you deserve.

I really like training. I am smart enough to realize that I need training to undo whatever happened to me in my previous life. If you train me for 30 minutes every day for the next 2-3 months, I will turn into the PERFECT dog for you! I need to be taught direction and how to meet your expectations. I don’t think you will want to show me (after all, I am not an extremely fancy dog!) but with the kind of knowledge I am learning these days, in no time would I be stealing the show at the dog obedience events! Now, it wouldn’t be fair to the other dogs, would it?

Paul at K9 will give you a free private lesson on how to train me. He will help you understand what I know and what I still need to work on, and how to turn me into the perfect companion that you are looking for. After that, you can continue training me with a trainer, or on your own.

Paul thinks I could definitely be a woman’s dog – a woman who would love to spend time with me, and training me would be heaven for me! But I could also be a man’s dog. My thought on this is I could also be a couple’s dog: both of you spending time with me, both of you to love and call my family? Wow, what more could I be asking for?

No gender preference for me: all I want from you is your commitment to training and loving me, and whatever you want from me, I already have it:

  • I will love you, no matter what

  • I will listen to your training commands

  • I will always work at pleasing you

  • I will make you my number one priority, always

  • I will happily sit in your lap if you ask me to!

  • I will make you look soooooooo good when your family and friends realize how well trained I am!

  • I will give you my life, and all that big heart of mine that is so full of love….it is ready to explode!

  • I will be your companion and will always be there for you

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