Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Bullet has been adopted! 08-06-2017

Female German Shepherd Dog about 3-5 years old. Good with kids. Gets along with other dogs.

In the summer of 2012, Bullet's mother and litter mates were rescued from a high kill shelter when their time ran out. They were all turned in to the shelter when the pups were approximately 2 weeks old and, while the shelter tried to do the right thing buy putting the family in isolation for two weeks to reduce the risk of disease, no one noticed that the pups were covered with fleas and that the mother was having a hard time feeding and caring for all 8 puppies. Thankfully, we were able to save them and get them deloused and wormed and into the vet for much needed medical care. While all the pups were anemic, only the smaller ones required a transfusion. With the help of good food and vitamins with iron, once the flea burden was removed, their packed cell volume has improved.

Adopted in late summer 2012, Bullet was found running on the 10 freeway in the summer of 2017; alone, covered in ticks, with burned paw pads, a laceration to her face, and a cut on the inside of her leg. Thankfully, the woman who saw her didn't keep driving and spent an hour trying to coax her into the car. She finally did and that's when the microchip led her to us. Shocked, as Bullet had been adopted into what we thought was a great home, we are now looking for a family who will truly love and respect this adorable dog & kid friendly beauty and treat her like a member of the family. Bullet is great in the house, potty trained, big and small dog friendly, non-reactionary to cats, good on a leash, and, according to her foster mom, "perfect!" She just turned 5, has her whole life ahead of her, and is looking for someone to love who will love her back. ❤

The minimum adoption donation for adults is $300 and the adoption donation for puppies is $400 - $500. This amount only partially covers the cost of veterinary care, boarding fees, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the temporary care and adoption of our dogs and is tax deductible. The adoption donation provides that all dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive current vaccinations, and are microchipped. If not, arrangements will be made on an individual basis ( i.e., puppies who will need to be altered by 6 mos old). Special consideration may be given to those willing to adopt older dogs or dogs with physical problems.