Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Jake has been adopted! 11-23-2005

Female about 0 old.

Jake waited his entire life confined in a filthy, flea infested crate. He waited for food, any food. He got thinner and thinner, he couldn't even grow healthy hair he had so little nutrition. Jake waited for relief from his flea allergies, chewing and scratching himself raw, chewing so constantly that he wore his front teeth down in an effort to find some comfort. Jake waited to see some sunshine and smell fresh air. Most of all, Jake waited for some kindness and attention from the heartless and inhumane people who were supposed to be caring for him.

Then, when he was worn out and no longer able to serve his purpose, which we suspect was making puppies for a puppy mill (Jake was found down by the border), he was turned loose to suffer whatever fate might befall him. We know Jake wasn't a guard dog - he is too friendly, and we know he was strictly confined by the huge callouses he bears.

Whether you believe in a higher power or only in luck, this last act of inhumanity turned out to be Jake's lucky break. He ended up in a shelter. The shelter called Coastal immediately - Jake had to be held the minimum number of days but then he would be put down. They knew he would never be adopted in his condition, and his only chance was to be rescued.

There are times when just an eloquent photo is enough to make a decision, and it matters very little what the ultimate outcome may be. Coastal had to bring Jake under their wing.

Remarkably, although still very weak, Jake has turned out to be an angel. He likes nothing better than to lean against you, if you're sitting on the floor, he's sitting in your lap. He walks well on a leash, has never made a mistake in the house, and learned how to use a doggie door in minutes. Jake has discovered how soft doggie beds are, and since they litter the house, you can usually find him plunked down and snuggled into the softest ones. Jake gets along very well with other dogs although he's slightly alpha. He stays home with his foster brother during the day and does very well on his own, after all he's free to roam the yard and has his own room too. Heaven! Understandably, he is a bit protective of his food and toys, but he is very responsive to correction. Let's just say that Jake has decided to put the past behind him, and he's wasting no time enjoying his newfound life.

Jake is no longer scratching and his coat is growing in very well. He's gaining weight and energy every day. Its just fantastic to see this guy gallop across the yard to get a ball, or see his enthusiasm to go on his evening walk. The vet says he has a bit of arthritis in his hips, but you would never know it. He's still on a lot of medications and frequent bathing for his skin, but that won't be for much longer. Jake rolls on his back to get his tummy scratched, and there's actually a downy covering of golden soft hair growing there! We think his ears may always be a bit hairless on the ends, but at least his ears are all there! Jake is going to be a beautiful dog very soon.

Please help us provide the care Jake needs to recover from his ordeal and find out what its like to be loved. Click here to make any contribution, large or small.

Jake's new family will need to be extremely vigilant and diligent about flea control. Over time Jake has become so sensitized to fleas, one flea could do too much damage and his allergies could overwhelm him. Jake is a kind hearted and sweet boy who deserves happiness, comfort and love for the rest of his days.

The minimum adoption donation for adults is $375 and the adoption donation for puppies is $500. This amount only partially covers the cost of veterinary care, boarding fees, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the temporary care and adoption of our dogs and is tax deductible when permitted by law. The adoption donation provides that all dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive current vaccinations, and are microchipped. If not, arrangements will be made on an individual basis ( i.e., puppies who will need to be altered by 6 mos old). Special consideration may be given to those willing to adopt older dogs or dogs with physical problems.