Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Nora has been adopted! 11-18-2007

Female about 0 old.

Nora is a petite silver and black girl who has probably not had a lot of joy in her life. When we first took her to an adoption event, she spent the entire day in misery with her tail tucked between her legs. Thinking that she was probably under the weather, a volunteer took her home to foster. She rode on the floorboards curled up and refusing to make eye contact. Well...once she crossed the door threshold into a home, this gorgeous little girl absolutely came alive! She immediately brightened up, wagged her tail and happily greeted each dog in the foster home. After getting her bearings, she headed immediately for the nearest dog bed and has taken up residency in the living room.

This is a wonderful girl, she has had some skin issues and will be getting medicated baths but with good nutrition and love, her silver tipped coat should come back full and luxurious. Nora hasn't seen a lot of the world around her so she'll require patience and dedication to teach her that the world is a fun place to explore. We think she'll get along with all kinds of dogs and maybe even cats. We think Nora is between 4 and 5 years old.

Update on Nora from her foster mom

When Nora came to us almost 2 weeks ago she was very shy and quiet and submissive with our Coastal rescued dog. She was careful to keep out of everyone’s way and was so grateful for her fluffy bed. She quickly warmed up to the teenagers in the house and to me, her foster mom. She has a very sweet and happy nature. She has become more confident and outgoing over the past week. She loves to play with Ginger and they get along really well. She is still a little timid and usually wants to make sure that you will pet her and not hit her before she approaches you. She wags her tail and wants so badly to come to you for a good head scratch. All she needs is a little encouragement. She walks nicely on a leash and is learning basic commands. She is housebroken. She sleeps in my daughter’s room at night.

Her skin and ears are improving and she is responding to a healthy diet, medicated shampoos, medication, walks and rest. She is on the small side, about 22” to her shoulder. She is very gentle in everything she does. If she is feeling really shy, she will turn her head away and quietly lie down. She has not shown any aggression. She has seen our cat and barked at her in a friendly way. We will do more cat testing this week.

Nora would get along with any dog, but would probably be happiest with a calm and confident playmate. She might be intimidated by a forceful alpha. She needs basic obedience training and should prove a quick study. She will become more confident in all areas of life when she discovers that people love her. Her silver-tipped fur is stunning and her sweet personality will melt your heart.

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