Coastal German Shepherd Rescue
Founded in 2004, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in Orange County, California. We are an all volunteer run organization, with no paid employees, and are dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned dogs in Southern California. Our rescue exists solely because of your tax deductible donations, which support our efforts to save these very deserving animals. Please donate today and help us save more lives!

Saturday Jul 20
Adoption Event and Bake Sale
Saturday Jul 27
Earthwise Pet special event
Saturday Aug 17
Adoption Event and Bake Sale
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Coastal GSR turned 15 in 2019!

Coastal GSR turns 15!

For over 15 years, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in Orange County, has been dedicated to caring for and finding loving homes for abandoned dogs. We are an all volunteer run organization, with no paid employees, and our rescue exists solely because of your tax deductible donations, which support our efforts to save these very deserving animals. We save the unwanted seniors, the discarded dogs who need medical care, and so many more.


2022 has been like nothing we've ever seen before. The amount of dogs in shelters, dogs being surrendered by their owners, and dogs being abandoned on the streets is overwhelming. Everyone wanted a dog once the pandemic started and most purchased puppies. Tens of thousands of those people did no training and no socializing with their dog, ran into problems, and called it quits. A lot of other people have run into financial hardships and, even though they never thought they'd be giving up their dog(s), finances and living situations forced them to make a very difficult decision.

355,000 dogs and cats were killed in America's shelters last year simply because they don't have safe places to call home. That number should be zero. That’s why we do what we do, but we need your help, too. Please join us in our mission to help give dogs a second chance by adopting, fostering, or donating. Your donation is tax deductible and Coastal German Shepherd Rescue is comprised of all volunteers, with no paid board members. Thank you for your support, we couldn't do what we do without you!

New Coastal Gear Available

New Coastal Gear Available!

We have an assortment of Baseball jersey shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hats, and hooded sweatshirts. Sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large. All items are "unisex." Hats come in black with royal blue or turquoise logos or beige with turquoise logo. Sweatshirts are front zipper. Prices are:

To get your Coastal merchandise you can go to any of the adoption events, or you can contact We will let you know if we have your size and, if we do, you can Paypal the money to Coastal and we will ship your order.

GPS collars for dogs

Zeus loves his Fi collar

Have you ever experienced the panic of your dog getting loose? Getting a call from your neighbor, pet sitter, dog walker or watching them bolt out of an open door and feeling your heart drop to your toes?

We’ve teamed up with Fi and have been using their GPS collar on our rescue dogs. The app shows you where your dog is at all times, allows you to create a safe zone (your home), notifies you if your dog is outside of that area, and even has an activity tracker. Of course, we microchip all of our rescues, but that only helps the finder identify the dog once they are found. The Fi collar allows us to track them in real time, within feet of their physical location, is waterproof, and has a light (you select the color) for night walking that you control through their app. The battery life of the collar is fantastic and can hold a charge for months!

Hopefully you never have to experience the stress and pain of a lost dog. We know accidents happen, so we want to make sure our dogs are as safe as possible and we can’t say enough about these collars. Use the code CGSR2 and receive $25 off! 

Support us every time you shop on Amazon

Shop on Amazon and support Coastal dogs

Support our rescue at no cost to you.

By using our link to shop on Amazon, they will donate a portion of your sales, allowing us to continue our work in helping dogs who are so deserving and very much in need. All you're doing is shopping like you normally would, only, by using our link, you're also giving back with the help of Amazon. Once you link your account to Coastal, all you need to do is go back to, when shopping online, and they will remember you've chosen to support us. We can't think of a merrier way to celebrate the holidays! 🎁❇️❤

We are always in need of leashes, collars, flea treatments, beds, etc., and appreciate all donations! You can view our Amazon Wish List here.

Our Wish Lists supports rescues! They have created a seamless way to donate to shelters and rescues while doing your online shopping. We also have an Amazon wish, which allows you to support rescue dogs by giving them a second chance with the help of flea and tick meds, shampoos, food, training treats, toys, and more. You get to decide exactly how you'd like to help!

Foster Homes Needed!

By joining our Foster Family program, you can offer the safety and healing environment of your home to a dog either waiting in a shelter for euthanasia or for rescue. The more volunteer foster families we have, the more dogs we can save from death in noisy, cold and uncaring shelters.

As a Southern California-based rescue, we make every effort to find LOCAL foster homes for the dogs we rescue. Unfortunately, though we appreciate the offers, we cannot send dogs out of state to foster.

Please fill out our online foster application if you would like to join our team of Foster Families and save a life by giving a dog in need a place to go!

Special Funds Needed!

Often, the decision to save a dog's life is determined by our ability to pay their medical bills! We have not been able to assist as many medical cases as our hearts have wanted to over the past couple of months due to a depleted medical fund. All too often, shelters in Southern California label a dog to be rescue only due to illness. This means the dog is not available for adoption by the public and their only hope for getting out of the shelter is a rescue.

Even more often, the dogs are released with a waiver of spay or neuter. This means that our rescue is taking on a dog that may likely be ill, is not altered and may not have its vaccines, all of which we are committed to taking care of. As an all-volunteer group that depends solely on donations, we now work even harder to raise the dollars to help these homeless pets!

How Your Dollars Help!

While we have several high cost surgeries recently, just $25 can fully vaccinate one dog! $14 will cover one night of boarding. Your donation, combined with others, can help us put together the funds. Here's how your dollars can help:

  • $100 - will fully vaccinate four dogs
  • $400 - will pay a month's boarding for one dog
  • $500 - will spay or neuter two dogs


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