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Gina - Added: 01-09-2017

Beth and Lorraine:

I thought you wonderful ladies would like to see pictures of Gina in the snow we got last night. Not much but enough to show. Snow is not common in Southern Utah. I hope all is well with you both.

I wish you the very best in life.


Garth - Added: 01-09-2017

Hi, Miley:

It made my holiday season hearing for you -- thank you for your card. Dante is doing great. We fostered another GSD from Westside, and ended up adopting her, too. We named her Deja. I sent you a FB friend request, if you want to you can see pics of those two. I hope you are doing well!!!! Keep in touch and keep up the good rescue work.

Thanks again,


Simon - Added: 01-02-2017

My name is Mark Eisele. Several years ago there was a male pup named Simon up for adoption. The interested folks were going through the process of being vetted for the dog. I kinda sorta intervened and asked an acquaintance from work to help me out and help them get the pup. Approximately 6-8 years later!!!! This is the result. Meet one of your grown up ALUMNI!!!!! SIMON

Thank you to Brandi for her help at the time and for you folks for believing my recommendation about my friends!!!!! That is Doug, Simons (DAD) in the picture with him.
I see Simon and his 4 footed sister and brother multiple times a year, out camping, home, river. He has one fantastic LOVING home.

All my dogs are rescues themselves. We have a Weimaraner from Friends For Pets and 2 toy poodles from a now closed rescue.

Happy New Year

Mark Eisele

Peaches - Added: 12-31-2016

Hi Miley - I will keep an eye open for her. Fortunately, most people here are dog owners so she will not be able to wander around very long without someone who cares picking her up and turning her in. I have had Peaches (now known as Chewbacca) for 2 years now. She is a handful at times but we love her very much and we know she loves us! I will never understand how people can mistreat/neglect these beautiful creatures...

Happy New Year,


Presley - Added: 12-31-2016

We have a little GS puppy doll and our daughter Sadie put it next to her "mommy", next to our plug in fake fireplace. What a great family photo :) share for sure!!!

Happy New Year

Sophia - Added: 12-30-2016

Thanks so very much for the beautiful Christmas card. That is a very sweet thing for you to continue to send cards and check on the dogs.

Cali is a rotten ADHD brat!! We walk a lot. She insists being in control. But now she is anxious because we had been attacked 10 times by off leash dogs. I carry a golf club and stronger pepper spray! She wants to catch cats and opossums! Cali will be getting another wellness exam and shots in Jan. I will have vets check her out completely. Then her heart-worm test and meds for another year in March. I still take her to the US Army Vets in charge of the military dogs at MCAS Miramar.

I have had more surgery and then a MRI recently showed 4 herniated discs. Will let you know how that goes!!

Happy New Year.


Ella - Added: 12-29-2016


Tucker - Added: 12-29-2016


Once again, another year done. Hope all is well with you. Tucker is a very spoiled boy.....but, HE does his share when I dress him up!!! Cindy, is adjusting pretty well herself. ALWAYS happy with a ball in her mouth!!

Wishing you and your family all the best this next year!



Janie and Tucker
Mom and Cindy

Juno - Added: 12-24-2016

Hi Miley,

Thank you for the beautiful card. Here are a few recent pictures of Dunkel (aka Juno). He is starting to show his age. This is the first year its become very apparent. We are being extra careful with him. Mostly he hangs out inside & takes it easy.

Enjoy the holidays! Happy New Year!

Mike & Sheree Sims

Layla - Added: 12-22-2016

Hi Miley,

We received your Christmas card. Layla is doing wonderful! She loves Deezel and is sooo happy to have a forever home. We just moved back to North Carolina and you would not recognize her. Layla has learned to sit, stay, down, come, and shake. Thank you for all the positive reinforcement and emotional support when we first got her, she has turned out to be a very loving dog who will try to crawl in your lap if she likes you while at the same time letting you know that she is the protector if she doesn’t know you.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, I pray all your dogs are well and that the ones at your rescue find forever homes too.

Bill & Ann
Layla & Deezel

Isis - Added: 12-20-2016


McKinley - Added: 12-16-2016

Hi Vickie,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how Mickey is doing. It has been quite a year for him now that he is 1.5 years old He graduated levels 1 & 2 obedience, trained in agility for fun, (was not a competitive class, and he ran with dogs of all sizes and dispositions); he had a blast. A few months ago, he completed a Therapy Dog prep class. He did very well in all aspects but the trainers want him to repeat the class after the new year, because they felt he was a little young. They do expect him to test very well and earn his place on the team next year. I had been concerned that he wasn’t growing big enough ( this was 6 months ago), but now he is huge. The other day, he got on his hind legs to greet me when I came in and he was big enough to almost look me directly in my eyes.
Personality wise he is the best. All of our friends love him and he gets along with most other canines. Patience, our girl, loves to wrestle with him, much to our dismay. They are both pretty good sized dogs and they can get pretty crazy. We have to give them time outs or use kong toys filled with carrots and peanut butter to get their mindset changed.

Thanks for all the hard work you did with him as a little puppy. It really paid off. Have a great Holiday Season, and please share this with the folks at the rescue that may remember him from the M litter.


Don Weber

Hogan - Added: 12-16-2016

Here’s a photo of him. Now that we’ve got his digestive tract functioning correctly, he’s chubbed out a bit. Although with all that fur, it kind of hard to see! I love him, and you, for taking such good care of him when he needed it most. He is a wonder-dog and I am SO happy he’s mine, forever.

Hope you have a lovely Holiday.

Love, Anne

Poncho - Added: 12-16-2016

Hi Miley,

Thanks for sending the Christmas cards! That's so sweet you think of Poncho. He is a very spoiled boy! Runs the house, sleeps with me when he feels like it, two walks a day, day care with doggie friends once or more a week. Spoiled! We love that boy. Here's a recent pic- he's big -- 115lbs! Hope all is well with you. Bless you for looking out for the GSRs that need help!

Merry Christmas!

Aimee & Patrick Quinn

Kody - Added: 12-16-2016

Hi Miley,

Thanks for the Xmas card and hope you have a wonderful new year. Pic of my girl Kody attached. She lights up our lives.

Lani - Added: 12-14-2016

Dear Miley:

Very very sad I let you know that we had to let her go last Monday night. Heidi gave us so much happiness. We experienced a big change on her. After being so shy and fearful, she became an exceptional companion and friend. We are going to miss her so much. I can't believe she is not here with us. The doctor told us after her surgery ,that the cancer she had ,was very invasive. She had many tumors, but she didn't have any pain for more than a year, but last month it got itchy and painful. We had her with medicine, but the time arrived. She got very sick the past week .

She gave us so much love we won't forget our Heidi ever. I am sharing with you her last picture.

Marie Schmid

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Alta - Added: 12-13-2016

Alta loves her Christmas card!! Thank you so much!!

Cloud - Added: 12-12-2016

Hi Miley

Thanks so much for your holiday card! Cloud is great, and still a wonderful dog. Here is a photo of him with one of our cats! We never thought we would see this day.

Happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!


Soda - Added: 12-11-2016