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Justice - Added: 04-09-2017


Hank - Added: 03-25-2017

Hi Miley,

I just wanted to let you know Hank had to be put down. This is one of the biggest losses I have experienced. I loved him so much. All his medical stuff just caught up to him. He had degenerative disc disease and was aspirating his food. We were taking him to a doggy chiropractor and swim therapy for his back ( which he loved). He had spent a few days in the animal hospital for aspiration pneumonia but that's what really made his health take a hit. He recovered and we had to feed him a soft diet sitting up but our vet thought his facial paralysis had progressed. His health declined from there and he became increasingly uncomfortable and kept falling because of his back and we had to make the decision to put him down. I'm sending you pictures and wanted to thank you for bringing Hank into our lives. He was my joy and the sweetest dog I ever had.



Willow - Added: 03-16-2017


Cosmo - Added: 03-13-2017

Titus (Cosmo) is doing great and enjoying the good life. He even shares his bed with his brother (Louie).

Take care, Michelle

Adonis - Added: 02-19-2017

Hi Liz,

Hope all is well! Just thought I would share some recent photos of Bodie FKA Adonis and provide a general update. It's been almost exactly two months since we adopted Bodie and he is settling in very nicely with the family and pack. He has been treated for Giardia and we are now working on trying to put on a little weight. We are attending obedience class and working on some basics, then we will move on to more advanced topics. He loves to play catch, hike, and to find pine cones on his daily walks. He is as sweet as can be. I think our whole family is in love with this guy. :-)

Take care,


Foxy - Added: 02-03-2017

Hey Kym, Wave Gary,

Foxy is quite the stinker and mommies little girl. She still gets confused at times and ran out of the house the other day and got on Bear (he had his diaper on). He shrugs it off and it was the first time in a really long while that she did that. She talks alllllll the time and tends to yell at dinner time, when someone comes home, and if boys touch her tail. She is just about due for her Senior Exam and once I get Henrys all paid for I'll get hers done.

Attached are a few pics of her on her throne. She is the only one able to get up there. She sleeps at my feet there each night and we share a blanket. It doesn't smell so good but I pretend not to notice. :)

Meadow - Added: 01-31-2017

Update on Hoku AKA Meadow (2016 M puppy) - she has brought so much joy into our families lives. Loves people other dogs and being sassy at times ; she is getting to be a big girl! Hoku is turning out to be quite the little stunner.

Thank you ladies for all you do with the GS rescue-you've helped make a lot of people and dogs very happy.

Molly - Added: 01-26-2017

Yo Miley: Thank you for the Christmas card. Mostly good, some bad news about Molly. First the bad. Last January Molly had a gran mal seizure. We thought it may have been associated with a new flea collar, so we removed it immediately. Vet said it probably was not related. Anyhow, it was very scary! We had blood and metabolic tests done, and all that was fine. She had several more seizures, so we now have her on Meds. Knock on wood.......no more episodes since she's been on the Meds.

Okay, now the good! Last January, Molly started playing fetch. Before that time she really had no interest in balls, much less in retrieving them. We still take daily walks and she loves going for rides. Every year she is playing more and more. Such a shame that she didn't know how. She still sticks to me like glue, so we are constant companions. She also still loves to travel. We just got back from our longest rv trip yet of 5 months, traveling up to Maine, down to the Florida Keys, and all points in between!

So, for the most part, things are great and Molly is super...in spite of the epilepsy.

Roscoe - Added: 01-25-2017

Our favorite thing to do with our last rescued German Shepard was to go camping, and after many years of camping trips he took his last one in just shy of his 16th birthday. I told my wife that we would wait a while before getting another dog, but also joked that the first camping trip we did with no dog would most likely end the wait. It was a joke until we went camping with no dog for the first time as a family in September. We got home on Sunday and on Wednesday we found out we had both been on Coastal Rescues web site looking at German Shepherds. We had also both seen Roscoe and of all the dogs he was the one we both wanted to meet. I said during the interview process that we really appreciate the adoption process because the rescue cares more about the dog than they care about us. This intern is really caring a ton about us because they want to make sure he is a good fit for us as much as we are for him. We passed the test and got to meet Roscoe and his foster mom Judy. On the drive out we set code words so we could communicate our thoughts in secret and we both said the code word for "we love him" within a few minutes. Judy was great about describing and better yet showing us his character. It took a few days for us to get used to each other but he has been a great dog from the start. On our end we had to adjust to the energy level from a 16 year old to a 2 1/2 year old but that happened quickly. Roscoe is getting daily walks, playing a ton of fetch (never enough) and could not be more loved. He took his first camping trip at about 1 month and had the time of his life. We were in the open desert and he had endless room or restrictions on playing fetch. The desert along with the local dog parks are his favorite places because he can play his furthest games of fetch. There are still some characteristics we are working on but all in all he is a perfect family dog.

Katie - Added: 01-19-2017

Hi to my friends at Coastal GSR, I'm Katie and I was adopted on December 1st and I just wanted to show you how much I've grown! I went to the vet today and I am already 30 lbs! I've made friends with my housemate, Domino the cat, and with the neighbor's lab too! I am a long, leggy girl and very, very smart! I can sit, stay, lay down and give paw. Everyone who meets me says I have a beautiful face. I love meeting new people and am so happy with my new family! Thank you for caring for me and my family when I was little.

PS: This couch is MINE now...

Wiley - Added: 01-15-2017

Hi Miley!

Wiley is still the same Peter Pan. Loves his toys and playing with our other dog, Osita, and my sister's dog, Beau (the black spaniel). He's slowing down, but still such a sweet lovable guy. Wishing you and everyone at the rescue a very happy, healthy, and blessed 2017!

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Flo - Added: 01-09-2017

Hi Miley,

How are you doing? The Gonzales household is moving to New Mexico in just a couple of weeks so it's been a little hectic around these parts to say the least. I am always pleasantly surprised to get a Christmas card from you but then again, Flo's a pretty cool little one. She lost her battle to stage 4 cancer late this year. Previously, we had removed the tumor twice before but it was so aggressive this time. She ate organic and grain-free foods but that just wasn't enough to stop it. I am so sorry to give you this news as I know you were very fond of this Czech Shepherd as we were. We still smile as we think of the goofy, silly things she would/wouldn't do but that was just Flo. We have our other German Shepherd, Carley from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, who seems to like NM. She's a bit more social than Flo at the dog parks and loves to run with the others and play. Again Miley, thank you for all you do for the special dogs who come to this rescue. They find their forever homes because of all the love people like you give them.

Gina - Added: 01-09-2017

Beth and Lorraine:

I thought you wonderful ladies would like to see pictures of Gina in the snow we got last night. Not much but enough to show. Snow is not common in Southern Utah. I hope all is well with you both.

I wish you the very best in life.


Garth - Added: 01-09-2017

Hi, Miley:

It made my holiday season hearing for you -- thank you for your card. Dante is doing great. We fostered another GSD from Westside, and ended up adopting her, too. We named her Deja. I sent you a FB friend request, if you want to you can see pics of those two. I hope you are doing well!!!! Keep in touch and keep up the good rescue work.

Thanks again,


Simon - Added: 01-02-2017

My name is Mark Eisele. Several years ago there was a male pup named Simon up for adoption. The interested folks were going through the process of being vetted for the dog. I kinda sorta intervened and asked an acquaintance from work to help me out and help them get the pup. Approximately 6-8 years later!!!! This is the result. Meet one of your grown up ALUMNI!!!!! SIMON

Thank you to Brandi for her help at the time and for you folks for believing my recommendation about my friends!!!!! That is Doug, Simons (DAD) in the picture with him.
I see Simon and his 4 footed sister and brother multiple times a year, out camping, home, river. He has one fantastic LOVING home.

All my dogs are rescues themselves. We have a Weimaraner from Friends For Pets and 2 toy poodles from a now closed rescue.

Happy New Year

Mark Eisele

Peaches - Added: 12-31-2016

Hi Miley - I will keep an eye open for her. Fortunately, most people here are dog owners so she will not be able to wander around very long without someone who cares picking her up and turning her in. I have had Peaches (now known as Chewbacca) for 2 years now. She is a handful at times but we love her very much and we know she loves us! I will never understand how people can mistreat/neglect these beautiful creatures...

Happy New Year,


Presley - Added: 12-31-2016

We have a little GS puppy doll and our daughter Sadie put it next to her "mommy", next to our plug in fake fireplace. What a great family photo :) share for sure!!!

Happy New Year

Sophia - Added: 12-30-2016

Thanks so very much for the beautiful Christmas card. That is a very sweet thing for you to continue to send cards and check on the dogs.

Cali is a rotten ADHD brat!! We walk a lot. She insists being in control. But now she is anxious because we had been attacked 10 times by off leash dogs. I carry a golf club and stronger pepper spray! She wants to catch cats and opossums! Cali will be getting another wellness exam and shots in Jan. I will have vets check her out completely. Then her heart-worm test and meds for another year in March. I still take her to the US Army Vets in charge of the military dogs at MCAS Miramar.

I have had more surgery and then a MRI recently showed 4 herniated discs. Will let you know how that goes!!

Happy New Year.


Ella - Added: 12-29-2016