Happy Tails

Sadie - Added: 09-06-2017

She did really well healing from her spay surgery. And, she is growing 😁she is so sweet and such a cutie. Loves to dig up plants and chew on misc things so we are keeping a watchful eye on her. She is learning quickly. Happy day to you and yours!

Wiley - Added: 08-29-2017

Hi Liz:

Just wanted to give you an update on Wiley, who we renamed Wyatt. He’s totally housetrained, got neutered, goes to the park and beach with his sister and has learned to swim. In short, he’s doing really well and we’re so happy to have him.

Many thanks again to you and all the volunteers at Coastal GS Rescue.

Carver - Added: 08-02-2017

I am so sorry to tell you that Frodo Baggins Aka "The Bagman" went to his final sleep last Thursday. He never grew up he still ate shoes, purses and occasionally raided the bin! He was the best dog ever and we all loved him so much. We got so much more from him than we ever gave.

Gucci - Added: 07-30-2017

This is Gucci

She would love a sister!

Sparky - Added: 07-27-2017

Just wanted to send you an update on our wonderful boy “SPARK”

I wanted to share his story with you and ask when you might post this letter on your webpage “where are they now” type area.

We missed the original story and couldn’t find it, so we just thought this would be a great update for your webpage supporting and praising the great work your organization does for so many rescued animals.

We sent this originally to AM/PM Veterinary Hospital to thank them for the ethical and caring decision to save his life, but if not for your organization, we wouldn’t have Spark.

Again, thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to apply for and bring home this wonderful dog.

Amalfi - Added: 07-25-2017

Shadow on left.
Riley on right ... Obviously!

Nouri - Added: 07-20-2017

Happy Birthday Finley! These last two years have been so full of affection and silly puppiness. Thank you for being my long distance running buddy. I love you, good boy.

Courtney Bennett Svajian

Mandy - Added: 07-19-2017

Hi! My husband and I adopted Mandy from Coastal February 13, 2016 as our Valentine's day dog.

We were married last month, and Mandy was in the wedding! She brought the rings down the aisle. We couldn't imagine our little family without her. She was adopted as a Chan, amd now she's a Stearns!

Thank you for rescuing her and giving us a chance to find her :)

-Alicia, Grant & Mandy

Dudley - Added: 07-18-2017

Hey Miley!!! It is so good to know you are still with CGSR!

We talk often of adding another brother or sister to our family and when Hazel joined us last year, it was unexpected. She is a living doll and she and Dudley are best friends. She has the perfect amount of energy to keep him on his toes. She engages him and they romp around the yard, protecting us and letting everyone in the neighborhood know that they are on patrol.

We bought property in Big Bear 4 years ago and 2 and a half years ago, we bought Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company. Chris runs it so he lives here while I am still teaching in Montclair. Our shop is closed on Wed/Thurs, so Chris comes down and we come up Fri-Sun. We have essentially 3 properties in one, so the dogs have lots of area to explore. They both LOVE the snow!! We spend all summer at the cabin and were hoping to help out this summer with your overcrowding problem but hadn't factored in the drive to attend the adoption events. I didn't really think it through. I will continue to share your posts on Facebook and guide people to you who would be amazing families for the dogs in your care. We sure do love our Dudley!!

Please let us know how else we can help out. We'd love to!!


Cyrano - Added: 07-09-2017


Libby - Added: 07-04-2017

Just thought we would send some updated pics. She is so amazing. Still does not bark, but howls when I get home. There was a few times where it sounded like she said I Love You! Her nickname is pony since she sounds like a racehorse when she runs. She is really learning to play and no longer disappears to the room when strangers come, though she is still a bit sketchy with loud noises.

Have a great 4th!

~Andrea 😊

Darcy - Added: 06-24-2017

Thanks for putting us in touch! We reunited them today.

*Darcy and Dylan, 2015 "D" puppy litter siblings*

Frazzle - Added: 06-20-2017


Leila - Added: 06-20-2017


Savi - Added: 06-20-2017

Our family just wanted to thank your organization for bringing these two loves into our lives. Savi and Leila were a bonded pair that we adopted about two months ago. They have brought so much love and joy to our entire family. We can’t remember what life was like without them. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of this inseparable pair.

Thank you again!!!!!!!!!

Vika - Added: 06-14-2017


Sherman - Added: 06-14-2017


Drone - Added: 06-14-2017


Dylan - Added: 06-12-2017

Hi Diana!

Hope you are well! We wanted to send some recent photos of our boy Oso and also see if we could be put in touch with Darcy's owners? They look so alike, it would be amazing to introduce them as adults.

Molly and James Allen

Espie - Added: 05-31-2017