Coastal German Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in Orange County, California since 2004. We are dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned dogs in Southern California. Our Rescue exists solely because of your tax deductible donations, which support our efforts to save these very deserving animals. Please donate today and help us save more lives!

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2 Parvo Puppies Need Your Help!

Chip & Dale have Parvo and need your help!

Please help us save Chip & Dale!

Chip & Dale are 4 month old puppies who were brought into the OC Animal Shelter with Parvo. Shelter workers reached out to us to see if we could help. Due to Parvo being highly contagious, the Shelter could only keep them for the day and chances for survival depends on prompt medical treatment in isolation at a Veterinary Hospital.

We had to move fast and figure out a way to help them. We have rescued many parvo puppies over the years and we know the funds that it takes to save them. We know it takes time and resources to save parvo puppies. Even with that knowledge, we could not turn our backs on them and not try to help.

Chip & Dale have Parvo and need your help!

We made a quick decision to save them and figured we would find a way! Chip and Dale got out of the shelter and were shuttled straight to the vet for treatment. The next few days are critical for them. Getting the right medications and IV fluids is critical for them to survive.

Please help us raise the funds needed to treat these young boys! We need your help to make this happen, if you can donate, every dollar makes a difference. We can not save their lives without your help!!

We Need A Foster Home For Bruno!

Bruno needs a Foster Home!

Bruno has finished up his inkennel training and is now in need of a foster or adoptive home! Bruno has a strong desire to work, he is highly intelligent and very trainable. Bruno is eager to please and loves to be exercised! Bruno will run thirty minutes on the treadmill and then come back for more! He needs an active home who would love to take him on hikes, runs and continue working his obedience training. He does require an experienced shepherd person who has an active lifestyle and with the desire to continue advanced training. Bruno will quickly form a strong bond with his person and will focus on the task at hand. Bruno does best when he gets his mind and body challenged. Bruno loves other dogs and he ideal home would have another dog or two for him to socialize with. He would laso be fine with cats with the right introduction, rules and boundaries. Bruno is housebroken and sleeps inside on a dog bed. He loves to be with his people!

If you don't have solid experience with large breeds, preferably German Shepherds, Bruno is not your guy, but if you are looking for a fun, active boy, give Bruno another look!

If you can foster Bruno, please contact us and complete our online foster application!

Foster Homes Needed!

By joining our Foster Family program, you can offer the safety and healing environment of your home to a dog either waiting in a shelter for euthanasia or for rescue. The more volunteer foster families we have, the more dogs we can save from death in noisy, cold and uncaring shelters.

As a Southern California-based rescue, we make every effort to find LOCAL foster homes for the dogs we rescue. Unfortunately, though we appreciate the offers, we cannot send dogs out of state to foster.

Please fill out our online foster application if you would like to join our team of Foster Families and save a life by giving a dog in need a place to go!

Special Funds Needed!

Often, the decision to save a dog's life is determined by our ability to pay their medical bills! We have not been able to assist as many medical cases as our hearts have wanted to over the past couple of months due to a depleted medical fund. All too often, shelters in Southern California label a dog to be rescue only due to illness. This means the dog is not available for adoption by the public and their only hope for getting out of the shelter is a rescue.

Even more often, the dogs are released with a waiver of spay or neuter. This means that our rescue is taking on a dog that may likely be ill, is not altered and may not have its vaccines, all of which we are committed to taking care of. As an all-volunteer group that depends solely on donations, we now work even harder to raise the dollars to help these homeless pets!

How Your Dollars Help!

While we have several high cost surgeries recently, just $25 can fully vaccinate one dog! $10 will cover one night of boarding. Your donation, combined with others, can help us put together the funds. Here's how your dollars can help:

  • $100 - will fully vaccinate four dogs
  • $300 - will pay a month's boarding for one dog
  • $500 - will spay or neuter four dogs


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In Memoriam

Cherese Mari Laulhere

Cherese loved her German Shepherd mix, Dudley. She always had a soft spot for animals and children. When she passed away in 1996, her family created a foundation so that her dreams of helping others could be fulfilled.

By supporting Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, Cherese has an opportunity to help the many loving German Shepherds like her beloved Dudley.

To learn more about Cherese and the organizations that she supports please visit