Coastal German Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in Orange County, California since 2004. We are dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds in Southern California. Our Rescue exists solely because of your tax deductible donations, which support our efforts to save these very deserving animals. Please donate today and help us save German Shepherds.

Tuttle-Click Drive to Give Event

Please join us for our First Annual Driven to Give event to benefit homeless animals!

See wonderful animal's, have fun and enjoy complimentary coffee, beverages and pastries at Tuttle Click Lincoln's Driven to Give Event to support Irvine based Coastal German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

Visit us Saturday morning December 6, 2014 at Tuttle Click's new state-of-the art automobile dealership in the Irvine Auto Mall. Our goal is to raise $8,000 and all you have to do is test-drive a beautiful new Lincoln to help raise funds. Complimentary Valet parking provided. A buffet lunch will be served from 11am through 2pm as well. Please RSVP to be assured your preferred drive time slot.

Tuttle-Click Drive to Give Event

Tuttle Click Lincoln will donate $40 per Lincoln test-drive with no obligation on your part!

See and drive the critically acclaimed all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC sport compact crossover and 2015 Lincoln MKZ Sedan and 2015 Lincoln Navigator along with all other vehicles in the lineup!

Tuttle-Click Drive to Give Event Tuttle-Click Drive to Give Event Tuttle-Click Drive to Give Event

Bring friends, family and children. Tuttle Click Lincoln will donate $40 per test-drive toward our goal of raising $8,000 for this wonderful organization that supports German Shepherd Rescue. We will also have an adoption event where you can meet these beautiful animals and help them find their forever home for the holidays!

Please visit us between 9:30 am and 2 pm, Saturday, December 6th to join the fun! Please remember to pre-register to assure your specific test-drive time. Schedule your drive time by today by clicking on the SignUp Gennius link: Sign up to Test Drive the New Lincolns

For directions to Tuttle Click Lincoln please click here. You can download a copy of this event flyer here.

Please Help
Rocky Needs Immediate Surgery!

Urgent Rocky need your help!

Poor youngster needs to have his necrotic leg removed ASAP!

We were contacted early this morning by a local shelter to help with an emergency situation. Late last night a family turned their 10 month old German Shepherd Puppy into the shelter missing one of his hind feet. They claimed they didn't know what happened to it, but they thought he might have "eaten it". The puppy was obviously in dire straits and needed medical attention above and beyond what the shelter could provide immediately, so they contacted us to help.

We rushed to Rocky's aid, pulling him from the shelter and rushing him right to our vet. Upon examination, our vets discovered ligature marks in addition to the festering wounds. They believe that Rocky was chained up and the chain wrapped around his foot so tightly that he literally chewed his foot off to free himself from the confinement and the pain. He has a massive infection in his leg and the tissue is all necrotic. He will need to have his leg removed due to the damage and the infection.

The estimate for the full amputation surgery is approximately $2500. We not only need to raise the funds for his surgery and care, but we also need to find a foster or forever home for Rocky as well. He will need a loving and supportive home to recover and heal in. In spite of the pain and horror of his injuries, Rocky is a sweet and happy boy, grateful for the love and kindness that he is being shown.

Update 11/14/13
Thank you to everyone who has kept Rocky in their prayers! He had a successful surgery and is already walking like a pro on three legs. He loves his toys and has figured out how to make the cone work to his advantage. You can see video of Rocky here from ABC News.

Urgent Rocky need your help!

We need your help to be able to get Rocky the life saving surgery he needs and to start a new life. At such a young age, poor Rocky has known tremendous pain and suffering that no dog, much less a baby should have to endure. Please make a donation today to help him heal and have a chance at finding the loving family that he deserves.

Warning Graphic Images Below!

Foster Homes Needed!

Foster Homes Needed!

By joining our Foster Family program, you can offer the safety and healing environment of your home to a dog either waiting in a shelter for euthanasia or for rescue. The more volunteer foster families we have, the more dogs we can save from death in noisy, cold and uncaring shelters.

As a Southern California-based rescue, we make every effort to find LOCAL foster homes for the dogs we rescue. Unfortunately, though we appreciate the offers, we cannot send dogs out of state to foster.

Please fill out our online foster application if you would like to join our team of Foster Families and save a life by giving a dog in need a place to go!

Special Funds Needed!

Often, the decision to save a dog's life is determined by our ability to pay their medical bills! We have not been able to assist as many medical cases as our hearts have wanted to over the past couple of months due to a depleted medical fund. All too often, shelters in Southern California label a dog to be rescue only due to illness. This means the dog is not available for adoption by the public and their only hope for getting out of the shelter is a rescue.

Even more often, the dogs are released with a waiver of spay or neuter. This means that our rescue is taking on a dog that may likely be ill, is not altered and may not have its vaccines, all of which we are committed to taking care of. As an all-volunteer group that depends solely on donations, we now work even harder to raise the dollars to help these homeless pets!

How Your Dollars Help!

While we have several high cost surgeries recently, just $25 can fully vaccinate one dog! $10 will cover one night of boarding. Your donation, combined with others, can help us put together the funds. Here's how your dollars can help:

  • $100 - will fully vaccinate four dogs
  • $200 - two pallets of dog food to feed 70 dogs for two weeks
  • $300 - will pay a month's boarding for one dog
  • $500 - will spay or neuter four dogs
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In Memoriam

Cherese Mari Laulhere

Cherese loved her German Shepherd mix, Dudley. She always had a soft spot for animals and children. When she passed away in 1996, her family created a foundation so that her dreams of helping others could be fulfilled.

By supporting Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, Cherese has an opportunity to help the many loving German Shepherds like her beloved Dudley.

To learn more about Cherese and the organizations that she supports please visit